teacher appreciation

This post is part Alter Your World, an Alt Summit project aimed at celebrating actions, big or small, that focus on good in the community.

Did you know that this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week? And, shouldn't we all appreciate teachers? I have a degree in Elementary Education, a minor in Literacy Intervention, and am an internship away from an endorsement in Library/Media Science. And, it is all because of my mom. Really, I am who I am because of my mom, Mary.

Growing up I really struggled in school. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was in second grade and although it explained why I was not able to read, it didn't make up for the feelings of inadequacy that had already been felt. To make it worse, most of my teachers didn't understand what it meant or how to help me. To them, I was a challenge. I asked questions they hadn't thought about, I gave answers that were not what they were looking for, and I continued to struggle with reading despite their best efforts.

But my mom, she didn't see any of it. She only saw an intelligent and very capable human who could and would accomplish anything. She held me to a high standard, expected excellence, and challenged my intelligence with critical thinking and analysis. She understood that my intelligence wasn't defined by my word count.

Educators like my mother who introduce technology as a way to facilitate and engage intelligent thinking, problem solving, and real life issues are pivotal to all the students out there who need more than traditional education.

Mary is an educator, an innovator, and a bright light for so many students who feel unheard. She is the Gifted Education Coordinator in her district and works tirelessly to bring creativity, curiosity, and exploration into the lives of her students. She allows them to take the lead, provides necessary tools, and insists that life lessons intertwine with every school lesson given.

Educators like Mary should be thanked, and recognized on a daily basis for the services they provide, the fires they ignite inside our future leaders, and the love they pour into their jobs. I nominate my mom, Mary, for the #TeacherDesignED_AlterYourWorld contest.

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