ugly holiday tin makeover

We all have some ugly holiday tins that sit around and pass between relatives or neighbors. So why not make them beautiful, something to display, to hold treasures, and to be proud of? All it takes is a little spray paint. Here is how I transformed these ugly holiday tins.

Step one: Clean your tins with warm soapy water. I bought mine at a thrift store for this project at 50 cents each - my husband thought I was crazy when I showed up at the door with a bag full.

Step two: Remove the lids and place each tin face down with the lid near by facing up (on top of a piece of cardboard or newspaper).

Step three: Spray paint with a primer - one thin coat is fine.

Step four: Pick a few fun colors and spray each tin. Depending on color, you may need two coats. If this is the case, wait for the paint to dry completely between each coat.

Step five: Place gifts inside, add ribbon, and share some holiday cheer!

I hope you love how these turned out as much as I do!

Pinning these for next year! Such a fantastic idea! Such a great way to use all those ugly holiday tins! These are so CUTE! She made these ugly tins into awesome gift boxes! I am pinning this for next year!

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