I feel in love with both of these books a while back. And have been holding onto them for just the right friend to announce her pregnancy. I love that they focus on the positive experience; focus on what you can do instead of a huge list of don't does! I mean really, nothing says congrats like handing someone a big book of terrifying sinarios - especially coming from me.

The top question I receive when people hear Matilda's story is, "did you know before she was born?". In some ways, I am really glad that I didn't know. I didn't have to worry or stress about what could happen, but instead focus on the excitement, the joy, and the love of ruining a little sister into the family.

I can't wait to send these off and celebrate the excitement with Kersey, as she navigates her second pregnancy!

What to Eat When you are Pregnant - Dr. Nicole M. Avena
Common Sense Pregnancy - Jeanne Faulkner and Christy Turlington
Hi Five Print - Mer Mag
Tea  - Are Of Tea 

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