St. Patrick's Day activity: suncatchers

My kids love making suncatchers. We made one a few weeks ago and posted it on Instagram and have been hooked on the process since. So, of course, they were excited when our little leprechaun friends dropped off the supplies for us to make St. Patrick's Day themed ones. Here is how your kids can make them too.

Supplies: wax paper, cut up tissue paper or pre-bought clover confetti, glitter (optional), mod podge or watered down glue, sponge paint brush, embroidery hoop, hot glue, scissors or a craft knife, and twine.

Process: Cut small pieces of tissue paper in a variety of shapes, and place each color in a different container (I used small paper plates). I also added in different kinds of glitter that matched each color. Use a sponge brush to cover a large piece of wax paper with glue before placing the tissue paper in a random pattern. Once the design is complete, use the sponge brush to gently cover each piece of tissue paper with another layer of glue. Once the glue is completely dry, hot glue the embroidery hoop onto the wax paper. Using a pair of scissors or a craft knife, cut around the embroidery hoop so you are left with your suncatcher. Last, take a long piece of twine and hot glue it around the hoop and tie it at the top so that it can be easily hung in any window.

Time: My kids (ages 3 and 5) spent about 30 minutes gluing each piece where they wanted, and it took me less than five minutes to finish with hot glue.

This project is so simple, and the results are always beautiful! Enjoy!

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