tiny leprechaun friends

Boy, do I have a little treat for you this week! Well, it is actually a little treat for my kids, but if you want you can go out, get some supplies, and play along too! That is my hope, anyway. You see, I searched the stores for a tiny leprechaun and couldn't find one. My original idea was to glue one to the top of a jar filled with candy as a treat for my kids on St. Patrick's Day.

Instead, I found these little cowboys (similar to this) in this house kit, and turned them into leprechauns with a small brush and a few dabs of paint. Then, just like magic, a ton of ideas flooded into my head. I quickly switched gears and thought it would be fun to have these little friends bring an art project for the kids and I to do together each day after school leading up to St. Patrick's Day.

First up, rainbow rocks - inspired by an Instagram friend and her brilliant daughter. Alia may just be 7 years old, but she understands more about sharing happiness than many adults. She started painting rainbows on rocks to spread kindness and make people smile. Now she runs the Rainbow Rock Project where she paints rocks for $1 donations and gives all the money to helping the homeless in her area.

By sharing this story with Parker and Matilda I hope to inspire action to show more kindness and to do more for those around them. Sure, some leprechauns are sneaky and play tricks, but not these ones - they are here to celebrate the spirit of Ireland through love.

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