a sixlets birthday party

Parker had such a fun 6th birthday party based off of one of my favorite childhood candies – sixlets. Best of all, we managed to give him what he wanted most – a surprise party! We had fun partnering* with Northstar Balloons to create giant sixlets, invited our local yoga teacher to keep the kids active, and finished the party with some fun surprise balls! Read on to see how you can make your own.

Supplies: Crepe paper streamers, little trinkets, and tape.

Process: Start by wrapping one toy in the streamer, then continue to add more toys into the ball until you have enough. Alternate between sides and try to keep the ball as round as possible. Finish it with a piece of tape!

Time: Each ball took me about 10 minutes.

* Northstar Balloons were kind enough to give me balloons to use in Parker's birthday celebration - as always, the ideas and options are my own!

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