Cloudy Day Interview: Dani Marie

I met Dani through Alt Summit last January and immediately fell in love with her spirit, enthusiasm, and joy! She is the type of person you could chat with for hours and never feel the time pass. She is a nurse, a mother, and a fashion forward thinker. Most of all, she wants everyone to support and uplift each other in every smile, every compliment, and every step forward. You should go check out her blog, you will become fast friends, I am sure of it!

How do you mange, cope, endure, and overcome your own cloudy days?
Find inspiration in others and always remember that if it's not hard, the reward won't be as great.

What advice do you have to offer those struggling right now?
You are strong, a warrior, and can conquer this. You have a reason and purpose. You are here to be you and learn and grow.

Here is what Danni has to say about on her blog:

This space of the internet of mine is about my family, fashion, recipes, and the adventures of our every day life. I became a blogger to get over my fears. To put myself out there. To be confident in the person that I am. This blog has helped me grow so much in the little time that I have had it. I have made new friends, become more confident, and learned to stand up for myself. I love to hear your comments and hope that we can be friends. This blog of mine isn’t just for you, it is more for me. It is for me to build and grow, and to find the person who I want to be and strive to be. I am just grateful to have you along on this journey of mine.

Photos: Amanda from ARG Photographs

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