new year confetti with oriental trading

I was thrilled to partner with Oriental Trading Company for this festive New Year's Eve post! They sent me everything I needed to throw a fantastic party, and I pitched in with my homemade confetti bombs!

In high school, I worked as an office secretary for half the day. Over Christmas break, I accidentally copied a bunch of papers on the wrong color of paper, and I was asked to recycle them and re-copy. I felt horrible, but found the silver lining when I realized I could turn that paper in confetti for New Year's Eve.

I filled 50 or so envelopes with this confetti and handed them out at my best friend's party. To this day, I hear tales from that friend's family of finding confetti tucked here and there from that night. They may have been annoyed, but it left a lasting impression!

To make your own, simply shred colorful paper (I used tissue paper). Next, write your New Year's goal on an envelope. Mine was to be better at using non-plastic bags when I shop and to keep my office clean. Tyler's was to be better at time management. Parker chose to be better at listening (which is a funny one because he is an excellent listener). And Matilda said she wanted to be better at reading and not using potty talk - boogers, butt cheeks, and toots are all the rage in pre-school conversation, apparently. When the clock strikes midnight, rip open the envelope! Or, whenever you decide to enthusiastically count down before sending the kids to bed at the usual time. Wink, wink.

Whatever you do to celebrate this year, make it a family event focused on how each of you can be better, love a bit more, and step into new opportunities along with the new year. I was very pleased with how this photo backdrop from Oriental Trading Company is going to bring our celebration to a new level!

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