Cloudy Day Interview: Janssen Bradshaw

Janssen and I have been following each other on Instagram for years now! She blogs about Everyday Reading and shares the most delightful posts about family, literacy, and cooking fantastic food. She is kind, practical, and passionate. I can assure you that you will enjoy her as much as I do!

How do you manage, cope, endure, and overcome your own cloudy days?
I usually feel most overwhelmed when I'm too busy, so I look at what ABSOLUTELY has to get done and then I give myself the rest of the day off to snuggle with my girls, watch a movie, go out to dinner (even if that just means the Chick-fil-A drive-thru), read a book in bed, and go to sleep early. A mini day off makes a world of difference for me.

What advice do you have to offer those struggling right now?
Don't be afraid to ask for help or off-load responsibilities, whether big or small. Can you simplify meals? Can your partner take over the laundry? Can you hire a babysitter or swap with a friend? Even just a little less weight on your shoulders can make a big impact on feeling overwhelmed or lost.

Here is a bit more about Janssen from her blog Everyday Reading:
I'm Janssen - reader, cook, mama to three little girls, and children's librarian.

Everyday Reading is a family lifestyle blog focused on practical living for book-loving parents. Every weekday, I post about recommendations of books for adults and children, great recipes, daily style, and (very) simple DIY projects.

On any given day, you can find me cooking with my girls, reading stacks of books on the couch, or visiting our neighborhood park. Once the girls are tucked in bed, I'm either madly writing blog posts, watching shows on Netflix with my husband Bart, embarrassing myself at Zumba, or planning our next vacation.

Photos: Amanda from ARG Photographs

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