Cloudy Day Interview: Monique Malcolm

Shortly after I started this blog, I took as many classes as I could to learn as much as I could about blogging. One of the classes I took was from Monique and she left me feeling like I really could make a difference, really could create a blog people would read, and that I could chase all the stars! Since then, we have worked together a few times. Monique is thoughtful and encouraging in everything that she does.

How do you manage, cope, endure, and overcome your own cloudy days?
I choose joy. It's an active choice. That means practicing gratitude and being more mental with yourself.

What advice do you have to offer those struggling right now?
I want them to know its okay to feel what you feel. Don't stay there forever, but stay as long as you need.

Check out her website Keep Chasing the Stars for inspiration on how you can go after your dreams! Here is what she has to say: I'm here to help you strategize your ideas and create actionable plans so that you can start building the life that you envision for yourself.

Photos: Amanda from ARG Photographs

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