Cloudy Day Interview: Sarah Roberts

I met Sarah two years ago in a van on the way to a dinner party. She was funny, real, and an obvious gem. We have since bonded over living in small towns with lots of snow and no Target. Now, every time I do get the privilege of making it into a Target, I think about Sarah and send her well wishes.

How do you manage, cope, endure, and overcome your own cloudy days?
I just have to look at the big picture and know that everything will work out.

What advice do you have to offer those struggling right now?
Happiness is a choice and an action. Do it!

A little more about Sarah:
Born and raised in Nova Scotia, she later earned her BA in French, and has lived in France, Florida (working for Walt Disney World), Utah, and Texas.  She recently moved to Alaska and is soaking up every bit of adventure that she can! Sarah loves being a wife and stay-at-home-mom to her six kids. You can find her in the kitchen doing what she loves most: baking, throwing parties, and developing recipes. Sarah blogs at Handmade Mood and Frankly Entertaining, where her specialties are food, thinking big, and finding answers.

Photos: Amanda from ARG Photographs

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