smile forward

Some of you may know that I am heading to Altitude Summit in Palm Springs, and that I am attending under the title of Social Media Director. I am honestly having a blast as I prepare for the excitement to come. That being said, I want to put my best foot forward, and by foot I mean smile!

I believe that the right smile can make a first impression not only memorable but welcoming, too. Now, I used to have such white teeth but, over years of sipping on coffee, I have lost a little of that shine. That is why I am excited to partner with Smile Brilliant - an at home teeth whitening system!

The process was truly easy and the results gave me just the right amount of confidence without looking like Ross from Friends - you know what episode I am talking about. I got a box in the mail with everything I needed to get started. The instructions made everything clear, as I created the molds of my teeth. They include everything for sending the molds back. Once I received my personalized teeth trays in the mail, I could get started with the whitening + desensitizing!

If you are like me and short on time but want quality results, this is such a good solution. For more information about what Smile Brilliant has to offer, follow this link.

Again, this post and review was created through a partnership with Smile Brilliant, but all opinions are my own.

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