i want to run

I have always admired runners. They look so cool running down the street looking fit and somehow put together. When I run I feel more like Phoebe from Friends. I can walk for days without feeling tired. I am an expert at the elliptical. I can even climb a mountain while pushing a stroller. But running, that intimidates me.

Hiking in Montana (Aug 2011)

So here I sit, in the worst shape of my life, and I still have this whisper in the back of my head urging me take up running. When I was young I hated running. I thought that runners must have this born ability to not get tired or out of breath. Otherwise why would they torture themselves like that?

Before I had kids, I worked out and dieted a lot. I have always struggled with negative body image. The interesting thing is that I weigh less now than I did before I had kids. I look different. I feel different. Truth is, I think differently. Something happened when I became a mom that changed my viewpoint. Working out is no longer this dreaded chore that must be done to lose weight. It is about having time to clear my head and think, to relax, and to take some time for myself.

Hiking to a waterfall in Montana (Jul 2011)

Sure I want to look good, but really I just want to feel good. I want that sense of accomplishment that runners talk about. I want the satisfaction of committing to something and following through. I want to feel energized.

I am not saying that I think I could run a marathon. But wouldn't it be cool if I did. The NYC marathon runs right in front of Mount Sinai Hospital. Right in front of the windows that I spent so many days and nights with Matilda. If I did it, I could put together a really rad montage of my full circle achievement. You can't deny it would be cool.

Nine months pregnant with Matilda (Sep 2012)

Mother's day is coming up, maybe I could start by treating myself to a new pair of shoes or running pants. I love running pants, they make me want to get up and move. If I am ever feeling frumpy, my cure is to put on workout clothes. It automatically makes me feel a little more in shape.

So runners, I need your advice. What tips do you have for me? What shoes do you like to wear? What pants are the best? How do you stay motivated? When do you run? How do you find the time?

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