seven months

Matilda is seven months old!

She continues to adore her brother and is happiest when he is right next to her. Parker gets mixed messages when we scold him for being too rough because Matilda is usually smiling or laughing. Their favorite game to play together is peek-a-boo.

She loves tummy time. When she gets tired or starts to get frustrated she gently lays her head down for a quiet rest. She is such a lady. She is very good at searching for and grabbing onto her favorite toys. She loves things that crinkle, jingle, move, or can be chewed on. "Patty Cake" always cheers her up.

We have taken her outside a few times and she loves the wind in her face. She gets very quiet and tries to soak everything in.

She enjoys holding her spoon and participating in mealtime more than she actually likes eating food. She squeals in delight for two things: her Papa's hair and bath time.

She is a gift.

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