rainy day

Rainy days are for: making forts, staying in pajamas all day, eating chocolate, reading books, and letting your three year old take a two hour bath.

Oh wait, I let my three year old take two hour baths every night. It is his new thing, ever since I let him eat his birthday cake in the tub. He plays, he floats, he sings, he blows bubbles, he FaceTimes with family and requests cake of course.

I think it is everyone's favorite time of day. Matilda loves watching Parker in the tub, Tyler gets to spend time with the kids and catch up on their day while I run around the house getting things done. It is a win for everyone!

Rainy days are NOT for: talking to a variety of collection agencies and getting lectured by a receptionist at the doctor's office because there is no record of Matilda having any well-child visits until she was 4 months old.

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