dr. visits every week

We have taken Matilda to the doctor's office every week since mid December. Nothing major is going on, it is just what life consists of for a post-transplant patient. She does fine, and if I am able to go without Parker, I do a little better managing my germ stress. Why do three-year-olds want to roll around on the floor in the germiest of locations?

The anti-rejection medication that Matilda takes gives her high blood pressure. And we have been working really hard to lower it. Altering any medication takes more visits to the doctor to check levels of effectiveness. Checking Matilda's blood pressure is more difficult than it sounds. Nothing a full sized candy cane can't handle.

Matilda's aniti-rejection medication has also been slightly altered a couple times this month, which requires blood work to test the levels in her system.

And then there is this pesky rash that we could not get a handle on. We were putting cream all over her body three times a day. So last week we went ahead and treated with a prescription hydrocortisone and just like that it is gone!

As far as her liver function and overall health, everything is wonderful.

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