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Being a mom to a three-year-old can be difficult. I have not heard anyone say, "Oh yeah, three is an easy year - a joyful breeze." There are moments that I look at this boy and think, "When will he settle down? When will he stop whining? When will he sit at the table and eat like a human?" There are moments in my day when I take a deep breath and wonder what to do next. And there are moments in my day I find myself walking away.

But this boy, he makes me smile. His laughter, his hugs, his kindness. He is so much like me, which, I have heard, can make things difficult. But I would like to believe that if I look, I will gain insight into what he needs.

I want to get better at listening to him. Really sitting down and listening to what he has to say. I want to hear his stories, I want to see his dance, I want to remember that being three is hard work. That life is hard, especially when grown-ups make you stop to eat or wash your hands or be quiet. Most of all, I want to believe myself when I say that having a three-year-old is so much fun. Because look at him. How is that not fun?

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