happy happy joy joy

Cold, dark winters can suck the happy out of anyone. My solution always seems to come in bright colored paint and yarn. Make this Happy Happy Joy Joy banner as a distraction for your kids and a giggle for you.

Supplies: letter sticky notes, card stock paper, paint, large zip lock bag, scissors, hole punch, pen, and yarn.

Process: Prep the paper by placing the sticky letters onto the paper. I put two on each page and mixed up the order to vary the artwork in the final assembled banner. Paint the paper however you want. I put paint on Matilda's (one-year-old) paper and then stuck it inside a zip lock bag for a mess free version. And for Parker (three-year-old), I let him have at it with a paint brush. Once the paint was dry, I made a simple template, traced it on each sheet of paper, cut it out, punched holes in the corners, and then strung it up with yarn.

Time: The prep took five minutes. The painting lasted five minutes for Matilda and forty-five minutes for Parker. And preparing the finished product took maybe fifteen minutes. So, let's say the total time will be less than an hour.

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