story time

Parker and I have been spending the sweetest moments together during Matilda's nap. Sometimes it is easier to let Parker watch TV, while I race around getting chore after chore marked off my list. But easy is becoming overrated. Marking things off my list is becoming overrated.

So last week, as I was prepping my business cards for Alt, I asked Parker to come and help. He was so happy to prep my Donate Life buttons. But the best part was that he started telling me these amazing tall tales. The look on his face, the tone and excitement in his voice, the random thoughts that came together. It was all perfect. And I was so happy to not have missed that moment in time. I asked Parker if I could take his picture and write down his words as he told me one more story. He was thrilled with the idea, this is what he said:

A Story About A Sneezer 

It got big. Big, giant big.
And it got wings, and flew up there.
So we had to throw some pins up there into his nose.
And then ice blew everywhere and got all over everything. 
On the snow, under the snow, AND EARTH. 
And then a dragon. A dragon is really big.

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