a best friend in a box

When I turned 30, my best friend sent me the most amazing gift - 30 beautifully wrapped presents all tucked into one giant box. It made the day so exciting to have a huge pile of presents waiting to be opened!

So as her big 3-0 approached, I thought it would be fun to do something similar. And, since she is the queen of "in a box", I thought it would be a fun challenge to make a Best Friend in a Box. My first idea was to make a giant cardboard cut-out of myself, but I couldn't exactly figure out the logistics of it. It would be great, though! The next best idea I had was to make a garland out of a photo we had taken by Izzy last winter at Alt Summit.

It would undoubtedly be a fun surprise, make her laugh, and be enjoyable for a few days. It was also the perfect project to use my Sprout by HP. In the create mode, you can take images straight from the internet (in this case, I pulled the image off of Instagram) and add them right to your creation mat. From there, I was able to play around with the shape and design before finalizing a printable. It was so simple and made creating my whimsical gift easy and fun!

After printing out several sheets onto cardstock (enough to make 30 circles), I cut them out, hole punched the tops, and wrote a little message on the back of each one remembering 30 things we experienced together before stringing them together. Some were funny, some were serious, but each represented a genuine moment that makes our friendship what it is.

Finally, I filled a box with things she loves - confetti, a cookbook, mini balloons, party wear, pretty candles, color block balloons, and lots of laughter!

This is a sponsored post for Sprout by HP. They sent me the Sprout to test out and it has quickly become a family favorite. 

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