toss across: a new DIY backyard family game made with Sprout by HP

As summer break approaches, I have been brainstorming ways to get out of the house, as a family, as much as possible. I wanted to make something simple and affortable that would last years, was portable, and could be played at any age. The kids and I sat down at our Sprout by HP and together we came up with a solid plan. A simple bean bag toss across game made from a drop cloth that rolls up like a sleeping bag.

During Matilda's nap, Parker and I got to work and that evening for dinner we were picnicking at the park and playing our new game! The Sprout makes DIY projects simple instead of complicated so that we can spend more time together and less time in the office.

When I'm planning a new project, the last thing I want are for things to be complicated. The Sprout by HP allows me to gather inspiration, sketch out plans, and troubleshoot all in one easy step. There is no uploading, learning new programs, or taking too much time. I can create what I want with a grab, a swipe, and the tap of my finger - it feels so natural and reminds me of my childhood when creating meant experimenting with my hands.

This is a sponsored post for Sprout by HP. They sent me the Sprout to test out and it has quickly become a family favorite. The kids can use it without frustration as both the screen and the mat are touch-enabled. Matilda is able to select an activity like coloring and change colors, tools, and pictures all by herself at age 2! It allows my family the opportunity to move forward with technology, while inspiring our creativity. This is the ultimate family computer and I would recommend it without sponsorship.

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