traveling with kids

I have been meaning to tell you guys about an amazing site I found that I think everyone with kids should check out. It is called Tropic of Candycorn and I believe wholeheartedly in their mission and way of life. It is a place to talk about and share inspiration, stories, and tips for traveling with kids and making lasting memories that, in turn, become the greatest gifts of childhood.

The memories of being pregnant and giving birth to Parker in Australia are so special to us and to him as he hears of tales and asks questions about the land down under. At the same time, when Matilda was on life support it was hard not to dream of all the places and wonders I wanted to her experience and explore. She has been given this amazing gift of a second chance at life and, although traveling while immune compromised is not always the best idea, I want her to have that spark to live life to the fullest and to explore this amazing world she was gifted to enjoy!

Traveling with kids can be scary - heck traveling alone can be scary - but after speaking with Erynn and listening to her story I felt so inspired to learn more and start saving for our first big adventure as a family.

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