crazy times

I didn't mean to abandon you all last week. In fact, I have a handful of posts halfway completed. But life got in the way, and I am slowly learning that when I am juggling so many things at once - eventually a ball will drop and that is okay.

So here is a quick update:

* Matilda's anti-rejection medication level spiked really high in her system. It was discovered during routine labs. Since then, we have been adjusting her dose and heading back for labs every few days.

* We bought our first home! I will share more about that later, but the actual move from one house to the other took a lot longer than I expected. We started off slowly going through everything, but ran out of time and it all ended up at the new house. We are back to sorting and trying to get rid of all the unnecessary things we somehow own.

* I got the flu. The timing was so bad and four days later I still feel nauseous.

* I knew we may have to go a couple days without internet as things were being switched over, but what I had not considered was that I would not have access to my computer (with all my pictures) for a week.

So there you have it. All the reasons I dropped the ball last week. And one more for why it will be another quiet week - at least the first half. Today, I am up early writing this before packing my bags to take Matilda to Syracuse for surgery this afternoon. She is getting her adenoids and tonsils removed.

Everything should go smoothly, but Matilda and I will remain in the hospital for a couple days and would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

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