painted fireplace wood

We are loving our new backyard. It is the perfect spot to run around, relax in the afternoon sun, and explore new possibilities. Last week Parker collected all the fallen sticks in the yard and made a nest (which looked more like a teepee) and hung it from the tree (which was kind of creepy if you have seen the first season of True Detective). But it got me thinking that we should do something fun with the fallen branches, as well as the larger dead ones that needed to trimmed from the tree.

We each took a jar of paint and a paintbrush, leaned the branches up against the tree, and went to town painting. For a full hour we all laughed, painted, and enjoyed the afternoon breeze under the tree. It was perfect. I kept standing back to enjoy the moment, trying to capture it in my memory forever. When the paint was gone, we were done and the branches were beautiful.

Once they were dry, I cut them into 20" pieces and placed them into our fireplace for a fun pop of color. Now, every time I walk by I am reminded of that beautiful afternoon spent with my favorite little painters.

P.S. We are not planning on burning the firewood - it is just for decoration.

P.P.S. I spent an hour scrubbing the fireplace with a special fireplace cleaner and it still looks that dirty. Any advice is welcome!

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