space books + diy shirt

Parker is really into space these days, so what better way to satisfy his curiosity than with a few new books. These three have become our favorites, so of course we wanted to share!

Space Lift-the-Flap by Susie Brooks and Anthony Lewis

The lift and flap feature is not only informative but keeps Parker engaged, interested, and curious at the same time. It is also a great way to teach kids to come up with educated guesses as to what might be under the flap before taking a peek, as well as recalling the information once the book has been read a few times.

Information Graphics: Space by Simon Rogers and Jennifer Daniel

This book is modern, illustrated beautifully, and full of examples that help relate to the scope of space. Some things are a little beyond my five year old, but it will grow with him over the years. I have seriously learned so much from this book and want to buy each book included in the Information Graphics series.

I want to Be an Astronaut by Byron Barton

Simple and straightforward, this is a perfect bedtime book to get children dreaming about what they might be and what they might explore. Parker has this one memorized and loves to name each of the astronauts.

In addition to books, Parker has a few space-themed Lego sets that he can't get enough of, so we made him a shirt to celebrate this moment in his childhood for his Kindergarten year at school. We used the Cricut Explore and followed the same instructions from the school shirts we made last year. But you could very easily cut it out and paint your design on using these instructions, too. We have made it extra easy for you with this free download.


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