an easy heart headband + cookies for cheaters

We had a sudden change in plans yesterday, as Parker came down with a fever. So, the valentine project I had set up for Parker turned into an impromptu headband for Matilda. Parker was quarantined and watching a movie in one room, while Matilda and I played with heart shapes sent by the lovely people at Cricut*. We were sorting and making patterns for fun, when all of a sudden my glue gun was in my hand and a headband appeared. You could easily make these for valentines or friendship bracelets.

Supplies: You will need three thick pieces of yarn, paper or felt heart shapes, and a hot glue gun.

Process: Braid the pieces of yarn together and tie each end into a knot. Glue on hearts in whatever pattern you like. Tie the two ends of the braid together, fitting comfortably around the crown of the head. Voila, done!

Time: This took me less than five minutes.

And since that did not occupy us for long, we decided to make Parker a special treat. But I didn't want to make a huge mess or spend too much time in the kitchen, so I dug through my freezer and found a pie crust, leftover from Christmas. With Matilda on one hip (yeah, I still don't let her on the kitchen floor) I rolled out the crust, cut heart shapes with cookie cutters, baked for 10 minutes, then dipped in some chocolate I melted in the microwave. Fancy, I know. Then I let Matilda pour on some sprinkles. Parker was happy to have a little pick me up. And Matilda loved smashing them in her hands.

*You better believe I will be giving you a full update on the Cricut event I attended as well as the full rundown of their amazing new machine. I have been on my toes waiting for it to come in the mail!

P.S. After a movie, some Tylenol, and a cookie Parker was back to himself and feeling fine. Except for the fact he was a little annoyed that I made him rest all day.

P.P.S. These are Parker's initials.

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