home hair cuts

A while ago, I posted a picture of Parker's morning hair on Instagram. It was magnificent that day, and I could not get enough of it. Apparently, I could not keep my hands off it because a hair cut was requested later that day.

I hate cutting Parker's hair. When did I become a barber? I feel like I butcher his luscious locks every time. But he likes it "short and smooth," so I oblige. I guess I just have to keep on waiting for Matilda's hair to grow.

P.S. If you are actually wondering about the cutting details, I use a home clipper with a size three guard, on the sides and back. And then on the top I start at the crown of his head and work my way to his bangs trying to keep it all even, cutting with scissors. As for the bangs, you should go elsewhere for advice, because they always turn out wonky.

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