baby a

Those of you who have been following me from the beginning may remember reading about the baby across the hall from Matilda in the PICU (here and here). She was just a few months older than Matilda and received a liver transplant a month sooner. Baby A brought us mountains of hope and comfort.

And now I need your help to bring her parents a mountain of hope and comfort. Baby A is unfortunately in the hospital. Although she is months older than Matilda, she is unable to gain adequate weight and is only around 12 lbs. The donor liver that she received had a defect that the transplant team could not have predicted. In fact, the donor would have required a liver transplant herself.

Baby A was Matilda's very first best friend. There is not a day that goes by without me thinking of and praying for this family. Matilda is home, healthy, and thriving. I cannot imagine still living in that moment in time. Still waiting for my happily ever after. Still holding tight to hope after a year and a half of pain.

I can't take that hurt away, but I want to help. And after months of wondering what I could do, I finally figured it out. We can let them know that we care. Each time someone sent a text, wrote an email, commented on a status update, sent a card, or left a voicemail my spirits were rallied. My hope was lifted.

I would love for all of you to join me in sending this family, who I love so much, kind words, encouraging thoughts, pictures, jokes - anything, really. Then, when Matilda has her check-up in March, I can bring with me an entire army of warm wishes to carry them a bit further in their journey. I know that it will not fix their daughter, but I can guarantee that it will make them smile and bring comfort.

So please join me. Send me an email that I can print out. Get your friends, family, neighbors, students, church members, and anyone else you can think of to rally behind Baby A. She needs us. Her parents need us.

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