medical update

Last week, Matilda had a regular well-child appointment with her pediatrician to get a few vaccines and go over her general health and development. She weighs 20 lbs and is 29 inches tall, which makes her a little small for her age (6th percentile for each). But, considering she has me as her mom, I am not worried and neither is the doctor.

Her blood pressure is still on the high side (123/77), which has the transplant team searching for answers. We had raised her blood pressure medication, but when that did not lower her BP the kidney team was asked to take a look. We will most likely put Matilda on an additional medication next visit to NYC, in March.

For now, it is a matter of covering all the bases. Matilda had her labs done on Tuesday and then on Thursday we took her in for an ultrasound of her kidneys. We are praying that the "spot" on her last kidney ultrasound has resolved itself and is not the cause of her high blood pressure.

The older Matilda gets, the more difficult it is to hold her down during labs and other necessary procedures. But she is still mighty in the way she handles it all. She bounces back with such zest and remains happy most of the day, everyday. She understands just about everything we talk about, points eagerly when she wants something, and follows directions like a champ. Words cannot describe how blessed we feel to have her in our life.

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