no pants

I don't care who you are, if you are a parent you have done it. You have said (pre-kids), "my kid will never be like that" or "I would never allow that" or "are you kidding me". But the truth is, once you are a parent you totally get it. And then you feel bad about all the unnecessary eye rolls and snickers performed by your past self.

I have never liked it when people post pictures of naked or near naked children. My go to phrase is "Put some clothes on your kid, then take the picture!" So here I am, with a boy who hates wearing pants. If you look closely at previous Whippersnapper Wednesday posts, you might notice that most of the pictures are of his upper body. And that is because he has no pants on. The first thing he does when we get home from somewhere is take off his pants. I don't know when it happened, but over the weekend I realized that I have given up the fight. And that is okay. He won't be pant-less forever.

And that is the thing. Kids go through phases and they grow out of phases. He will eventually start wearing pants, but for now it makes going to the bathroom easier, and it gives him control over what goes on (or doesn't go on) his body. And that is more important than me wanting to post modest pictures of him on a daily basis.

He is not neglected or weird. He is just my little boy and I love him - pants or no pants.

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