tilda turns two

Even though we had a party for Matilda while we were in Montana, you know I could not resist doing a little something special for her on the 21st. The whole day was full of an abundance of love and not much else. It was perfect.

Parker and I picked up a few balloons and made a "maze", as Parker put it, for Matilda to enjoy. Because really, what is a birthday without a balloon or fifteen. We also made her a cake and since she is allergic to egg, we opted for a rice crispy (fruity pebble) version. And, of course, we snuggled and reminisced about the day she was born.

Matilda's life is like a fairy tale and we are definitely enjoying the happily ever after.*

*I am well aware that this line is cheesy. But listen, I can't imagine my life without her and I got as close as a mother can get to knowing what it feels like to live on without a child thriving and growing like Matilda is doing so beautifully. So excuse my cheese, but know that it is done with love.

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