DIY ghost costume

So, Matilda has been talking about being a ghost for this Halloween since last Halloween. She would put a blanket over her head and walk around howling and shouting boo. "I a spooky ghost for Halloween, Mama, I am," she has been telling me over and over. And so, l made her a spooky yet simple ghost costume by cutting Matilda-sized squares of flowy white fabric with holes for her head in various spots so that the fabric would hang in different ways.

She wore some tights and a white turtle neck (so that the fabric didn't chafe her neck) underneath, with blue moccasins to match the ghost bucket I made for her last year. I painted her face with a little white paint and dabbed under her eyes with a little black before dousing her hair with baby powder.

We went outside and practiced trick or treating at our door, ran around in the freshly fallen leaves, and had a good laugh. The only problem is, when we came back inside she turned to me (as she is tearing off her costume), "Now, I going to be a bunny for Halloween." And that is all she will talk about. She is completely over the ghost idea. Good thing bunnies are just as easy as ghosts!

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