feeling normal after transplant

The last few years have been so challenging for so many reasons. I have been balancing such highs and lows, all while wondering if life would ever feel normal again - relaxed again. Would there ever be a fall where I didn't constantly think back to 2012, the intense events that took place, and the journey we went through?

I can finally say that the answer is yes. This last month has felt very relaxed. Sure, I have my moments and my eyes have gushed with tears, but I am not consumed. I am not tense with worry, and I can sleep soundly at night.

Best of all Matilda is healthy and the fear of simple germs torturing her immune system is withering. And all of this is because we were the luckiest, the most blessed family on the day that a mother said yes to donating her son's liver to Matilda. All because we get to spend each day with squishy hugs, slobbery kisses, and lots of laughter from the happiest Matilda - pushing us forward and showing us how to celebrate life.

We have had the best outcome and are truly grateful to feel this normal, this relaxed, and this happy post transplant!

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