plaid bunny costume from pajamas

This plaid bunny costume is so cute!

Since Matilda decided that she didn't want to be a ghost anymore, I thought it would be fun to turn the tables on her bunny idea. In reality, this version is closer to any real bunny than I have seen! I don't know about you guys, but I have never seen a pink bunny out in the wild.

I started with gray footy pajamas. These ones are really soft, thick, and cozy enough to trick or treat in. Then I hot glued some ears together using felt and plaid fabric. I put the plaid on the inside and flipped it so that the seam looked "professional". I inserted a couple pipe cleaners to make the ears flexible and then hot glued the ears right to the pajama hood.

Next, I added the same plaid fabric to the pockets of the pajamas by hot gluing, of course. If you have sewing machine skills, feel free to use them and sew away! Lastly, I made a bunny tail pom-pom with my new favorite gadget The Loome and attached it to the pajamas with (you guessed it) hot glue.

This project took no more than 30 minutes and the result is simply adorable!

This Loome is looks like so much fun! These instructions for a plaid bunny costume are spot on! Bookmarking for next year! Plaid pockets make all the difference and turn these regular pajamas into something playful and creative.

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