doing good and having fun

We have been focusing on a challenge to give, live, and love with intent each and every day. My friend Mari and I got together over an Alt program called coLAB and came up with this plan to take action so that we could be the change we want to see in the world.

6 Days of Give. Live. Love.

Day 1. Give– is focused on others
Day 2. Live– is focused on yourself
Day 3. Love– anything goes
Day 4. Give– is focused on others
Day 5. Live– is focused on yourself
DAy 6. Love– anything goes

Simple and straightforward. There really is something to having a dedicated focus to making the world around you the best place it can be. So that is what we have set out to do.

On Day 1. I gave something away that I could have sold, or returned, or used for a giveaway on the blog. But when the call went out on Facebook and I remembered my goal for the day to focus on others, I offered to mail someone I barely know something that I had and they needed.

On Day 2. I went to bed early! Really early. And it felt wonderful. I tend to stay up late trying to get as much computer work done as I can when the kids are asleep. But every so often, I just need to shut things down and go to bed.

On Day 3. I had a to-do list a mile long (probably because I went to bed early and felt like I needed to catch up), but when we got home from school and the kids asked if we could play outside, I remembered that anything goes and so we played. We raked, we jumped, we tossed, and we collected leaves. We laughed and let the time slip away without a second thought. We said hello to every neighbor that walked by and we sat in front of our new home together and took in the moment while holding hands.

On Day 4. I was inspired to begin planning a service project (I will tell you about this later).

On Day 5. I began a new workout program. It is a dance workout video series and I am 100% sure I look ridiculous, but I am also 100% sure I am having a blast.

On Day 6. I called my brother on the phone and we talked for a good hour about everything from his kids moving away to watching Scooby Doo as kids. It has been a year since we spoke in such detail, and the call didn't seem long enough.

None of these events were life changing, difficult, or planned. But when I had the goal on my mind, opportunities opened up in all the best ways.

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