When we got back from our last NYC trip the tree was just beginning to bloom, and Matilda and I spent lots of hours while Parker was at school just laying underneath its beautiful leaves soaking in all the beauty.

We sat still together soaking in each other's beauty.

Matilda loves to hold me close. She likes to swoop her hand across my face and put her cheek right up to mine. She loves to look right into my eyes and whisper secrets into my ears. I love to curl Matilda's hair behind her ear, hold her soft small hands in mine, and sing her silly songs. I love to listen to her voice and watch her eat.

I love to watch her grow.

Matilda is blossoming into such a beautiful young girl. She is smart, passionate, and full of life. And, while we were in New York, she proved her strength as the transplant team removed two more medications from her list. She is down to the two things she will take for the rest of her life - aspirin and tacrolimus.

She has conquered so much in her short life. Overcome more obstacles than I can imagine facing myself. She has proven herself to the world and plans to keep making waves!

But for now, I want her to slow down. I want to slow time and just watch her grow. I want to sit under a tree drinking pretend tea with party decorations floating above our heads and dream together. Because this world is ours.

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