Live On Tilda - visiting the Live On NY offices

In early May, we were lucky enough to take the kids to visit the LiveOnNY offices (an organ donation advocacy and procurement agency). The group of people working there are among the nicest and most sincere I have ever met. They each have a story and a purpose that drives them to work at there and collectively they are Matilda's biggest fans!

Of course, Matilda and Parker were feeding off the energy and excitement of so many eyes that they began to put on a show like we have never seen before - drinking their water using spoons, burping at the table, running like wild animals let loose in an office building - you name it and they probably did it.

Matilda ran from office to office interrupting meetings to say hello and, with each room, she left smiles, tears, and the hope of new life. As the mother of a wild child I was overwhelmed, but stepping back now I can see that she was meant to showcase her energy that day. She was meant to remind each person in that office of the vibrant life that they supply to families just like ours. Matilda isn't sick anymore, she is full of life and all the energy in the world. And, they did that. They found her the liver that she needed and they made it happen!

The work that they do to bring awareness to organ donation, support the families of those who have donated, and procure organs for those in need is absolutely breathtaking! To learn more about what they do - check out

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