the watermelon seed

I am thrilled to have shared one of my favorite books over on Paging Supermom yesterday. We had fun making puppets to re-enact the book, so be sure to see her Books Alive reading series in action!

The Watermelon Seed is such a fun book, and we thought of so many different activities to go along with it that we decided on two, this one focuses on pre-school cutting skills and plays off a funny situation in the book.

Pre-schoolers are independent by nature and it is important to let them test out new skills, practice with confidence, and learn by doing. Matilda loved cutting fruit for a salad! Using a variety of fruits (not just watermelon) invites a new understanding of texture and consistency - not every food cuts the same!

To tie this activity in with the book, we bought little alligator finger puppets at the store and placed them into the salad for display. Add a little whipped cream to a mason jar, top it with fruit, and salad is served!

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