one year home-iversary: curb appeal

We have been homeowners for a full year now and I am so excited to start showing you what we have done with the place. First up, is the outside of the house. When we first moved in, the flower beds were seriously overgrown. All we have really done here is remove dead bushes and clear out the clutter. That is it. But, man, it really improved the curb appeal. And, although it was just one thing to name, it took a lot of man hours to accomplish.

Some other projects we have planned to improve curb appeal include: new siding (the old looks fine from a distance, but it is made of a composite material that wasn't sealed well and is suffering from water damage) and removing the faux rocks. We would love to go with a darker color for the siding - I am thinking charcoal, navy, or dark green with white trim. All of that will come in time - and lots of money saved up in the bank.

My biggest tip is to do what you can manage! I spent too much time trying to weed the front flower beds every week last summer, so this spring we smoothed out the dirt, put sheets of weed block down, and covered it with mulch. Having a few potted plants feels so much more manageable at the moment.

Overall, owning a home has been the best, even with the stress of a leaky roof, rotting siding, and a burned out boiler right off the bat. We have truly loved taking our time renovating and decorating each room together as a family. Not to mention, we feel so much more comfortable in this space!

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