bean bin

This idea started with some rice on a baking sheet in February. Which turned into to a hospital bin full of rice, beads, and oatmeal in March. Then in April, Tyler moved the goods into a bin with a lid, which Parker carried around from room to room until yesterday - when we stepped it up a notch.

The Bean Bin.

If you have the type of child who loves tractors and trucks then you know they are always searching for things to dump. Really, what good are construction vehicles without a construction site?! Parker loved making this with me and continued to play with it for three hours! Three hours to a three year old is forever!

If you want to make one for your little "hard hat" you will need a bin, a variety of dried beans (or whatever you want - popcorn kernels work well too), and construction toys. I chose a bin with a lid so it could be easily tucked away under Parker's bed. Also think about how your buddy likes to play, to determine the depth of the bin. Do they like to ride around on the bottom and make roads and piles or do they like to reach down deep and find buried treasure? Once you have all of your goods, simply dump everything together and relax because your little one will be busy!

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