I want to capture every bit of Parker's joy. He is so enthusiastic about life. He wants to go to the park every day. And so we do. He shouts and screams "Ya-hoo" and runs around like a little puppy.

I had a particularly hard day today. I am trying my best to be my best, and today I fell short. I could write a long post about how life isn't fair, but what fun would that be. We all know it. We all have bad days. We all have burdens to carry.

I look at Parker and I admire him. I wonder who he will be when he is my age. I am not worried about what he will do, who he will or will not marry, how much success he will have. As long as he holds onto his spirit he will be golden.

I had been sitting in the kitchen alone when Parker walked in, gave me a hug, and asked why I was frustrated. I lied and told him I was just tired. He went in for a second hug but this time he zurped my neck. It made me laugh and for a moment everything else that had been sitting on my shoulders fell away.

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