soak it in

Tyler can make Matilda belly laugh for hours. It seems so easy for him. He can look at her crooked and she is out of breath with laughter. Yesterday I was able to accomplish the same and it made my day.

I had just finished changing her diaper and sat her up in the pack 'n play while I went to grab a water. She was smiling at me when I returned, so I stopped what I was doing and sat down by her. We played peek-a-boo for 45 wonderful minutes. She laughed so hard and squealed with joy. It was the best sound.

I realized that her laughter does not depend on her company, but more so the quality of attention that she gets. It is easy to forget to soak it all in. I get stuck in the daily routine of accomplishing tasks: feeding the kids, cleaning the kids, cleaning the house, documenting life, etc.

I didn't get a video or lots of pictures, I just soaked it in. I loved every minute of it. I needed this reminder. I needed to remember to slow down and spend a few extra minutes a day just soaking up her laughter. We were so close to never hearing its beautiful sound. And I can't imagine life without it dancing in my ears.

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