mother's day 2013

I had a lovely day. But for me it was the day before that felt so special.

Tyler is not the kind of person who enjoys art, let alone art with messy kids. Yet he put his anxiety aside and assisted both Parker and Matilda in the making of my Mother's Day card. I loved hearing Tyler's commentary and the pain in his voice as they both made messes. If you only knew my husband. Then you would know. It was funny. The card turned out perfectly. It was so clever. And he was so proud that it was an original idea crafted by him. I love it.

Parker was thrilled to go on a secret adventure with his Papa to the store for some secret supplies. Better yet, he got to stay up late to work on something in the kitchen. All day long Parker beamed with excitement over his plans and made sure to hide everything out of my sight. I loved that they were planning. I often think the anticipation of a gift is more thrilling than the gift itself. Maybe I just like knowing that I am being thought of.

They made me overnight blueberry french toast. It was crusty on the top and soggy on the bottom. It tasted fine. We ate it, we laughed, we threw the rest away. To me it is not about how it turns out, it is the doing that makes me smile.

I could write more, but I think I will stop here. I could write about how grateful and blessed I am to be a mom. I could right about how I could not stop thinking of Matilda's donor's mom and what Mother's Day must have been like for her this year. I could write about the recommendation we were given to carefully discuss the risks involved in conceiving another child. But like I said, I think I will stop here.

Mothers love Mother's Day. We love feeling special, we love receiving gifts, we love sleeping in. But the truth is that we ALL have mothers. We were all carried in the belly of a woman. We all kicked and wiggled as if to say hello. And we are all loved by our mothers. So let's remember to turn the focus elsewhere and thank the mothers who shaped us.

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