One of Parker's favorite things to do is FaceTime.

He knows who he can call and when. His favorite things to ask are: where are you at, are you too far away, what are you doing, and who is at your house? And then there are the demands: let me see it, let me see the dog(s), and come visit me.

Sometimes it works in my favor as a distraction while I finish preparing dinner or picking up the house. Sometimes it works against me when Parker gets so excited that he starts taking all of his toys out to show whoever he is talking with. And when the timing is really bad it can be the cause of tantrums and tears. But I love that he can see his family.

I love that he wants to see his family. I love that he can talk with them independently. I mean really, I did not get to talk to my grandparents regularly, let alone see them more than once a year. We are raising our kids to know their family and I love that.

It is also hard. It brings the reminder that we are far from home. After every phone call there needs to be some time for extra snuggles and discussions about the physical distance between Montana and New York.

I often wonder how all of this technology will change the face of the world in the years to come. I cannot deny there have been a few times that I have been searching for something on the iPad only to have the sweetest little voice say, "What are you looking for mom - I can help". And he does. He is much more efficient with technology than I am.

He is such an old soul - it is hard to believe he is only three.

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