a playdate with the nypd

Yeah, we hung out with the NYPD - we're that cool.

Parker and I signed up for a field trip through the RMH to visit the 20th Precinct. I thought it would be a good opportunity to spend some one-on-one time doing something special with Parker. Our lives seem to revolve around Matilda, and he usually handles it with ease. This will be special, I thought. A deserved outing for the world's best big brother.

Turns out I completely underestimated the awesomeness of this night.

They picked us up in a police bus, with flashing lights and all. Drove us to the police station so some cops could hop on before heading to the marina for a boat ride. Remember last week's post about Parker's love of boats? He was overwhelmed with joy. I don't have any pictures worth posting of his excitement because they were all blurry from his wiggleiness.

I am not sure how it happened, but Parker finagled his way to the top of the boat instead of the back with all the other families. Okay, I do know how, he is a charmer through and through. AND then the captain let him drive and honk the horn. He was in heaven.

And because the NYPD loves to make little ones smile, they had a helicopter fly by several times. I felt like we were in an action movie - police boats zipping this way and that, a chopper zooming overhead, oh and a three year old driving the boat!

Parker was so sad when the ride was over, but he graciously thanked everyone in sight and waved goodbye to the boat. They took us back to the precinct where a barbecue and one-man band had been set up. Getting Parker to eat on a regular day is a challenge. I did not stand a chance, with police dogs, sirens, bomb robots, emergency vehicles, and a police horse (which they let Parker ride).

Is it even worth mentioning that Willie Geist from the Today Show stopped by? It was his daughter's sixth birthday and she wanted a turn on the horse. That is until his wife realized that this was a RMH event to which they skittered off in embarrassment.

Yep, that is how we roll in NYC!

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