milestone cards

I received three inquires yesterday about my milestone cards, so I thought that I should share a bit about them.

My bff used them with her son Beck and I fell in love with the concept and adorable illustrations. Naturally when I was pregnant with Matilda I inquired and at that time they were not sold in the United States, but being the champ that Mel is, she sent me the cards along with a box of goodies that arrived on the day Matilda was born. It was such a fun treat!

So when Tyler went home for the first time after Matilda's transplant to pick up some essentials for Matilda while we remained in NYC, I made sure he brought the milestone cards. I am still a little remorseful that we did not have them with us from the start - though the PICU night nurses did a pretty awesome job of crafting up this one month card.

They have been such a fun and easy way to keep track of Matilda's milestones throughout this first year. I was happy to find out that you can purchase them here and here! Also check out this site to learn more about the cards and their creator.

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