getting labs

We are happy to take Matilda to get labs done. We understand that it is unpleasant. We understand that taking blood from a sweet baby is not how a phlebotomist prefers to start a morning. But above everything, we understand how important they are to maintaining Matilda's health.

In these photos Matilda is making very sad faces, even producing tears. But believe me, she was fine. She is getting to the age where she remembers and she knows what is coming. But she is fine. She doesn't like the rubber band and usually cries the most before the needle even touches her skin. Once they take it off she calms down a bit, but continues to whimper a little so that we know she is not pleased.

I know she is okay. There have been a handful of times that she did not cry at all during labs, we have even caught her smiling. Think about when you get your blood taken. It only pinches for a split second, the rest is all in your head. When Matilda is older, she will tell you that she is fine.

It is all about the expectations that we bless or burden our children with. I could go in feeling nervous and sad for Matilda. I could coddle her and cry when she cries. I could let my emotions get the better of me. And that would teach Matilda to be afraid. It would teach her that what she is going through is awful and unjust.

Or, we can make it a routine. We can smile and chat as if nothing horrible is happening. We can tell Matilda that she is okay with our demeanor, body language, and vocal expressions. So that as she grows, she can become comfortable and show pride in how she is called to take care of herself.

Matilda is mighty. She is strong. We like to continually remind her of this, every day.

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