seeing myself + a visit from the honeys

My friend Mary sent me some pictures that she took while we were at her family's camp on Monday.

I have a hard time seeing myself in photos. Funny thing is that I don't see myself very often. We don't have a full sized mirror anywhere in our house. The largest is a fuzzy antique in our bedroom and in the bathroom I have to stand on my tiptoes just to see my whole face. I am larger than I feel, and that is always disappointing, no matter what way I see it.

In general, I have had a rough week. I haven't quite figured out my rhythm in this life. I bounce along feeling good and then melancholy strikes me down.

Tyler's parents are coming and I hope that will be the change in pace that I need. They are the best and we are so excited. Grandpa Ben took care of Parker during the day by himself for three months. We were in NYC with Matilda, and so thankful that he was having fun in Montana. They have not seen each other since and I have a feeling that their reunion is going to epic. I am equally looking forward to the moment Ben holds Matilda. To wait, hope, pray, and love someone so much without ever having met them. It will be beautiful.

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