friends with boats

I took Parker and Matilda to a friend's lake house over the weekend. It was so beautiful and reminded me of my family's cabin back in Montana.

Parker had so much fun. I could not keep him off the boats. He wanted to explore every inch and sit in every seat. I was glad to have so many eyes on him. Next time I will bring his swimsuit and life jacket so that he can go on a ride.

He tried to play in the sand with the other kids, but he has some of his Papa in him and couldn't quite enjoy himself. He even kept refusing toys because they were too dirty. What a goof - I need to get him dirty more often.

The sweetest part of the day was the ride home. Parker told me in detail all of the things that he saw and the friends that he made. And when Matilda started to get fussy because the sun was in her eyes, Parker distracted her by making funny noises and silly faces. As we pulled up to our house he said, "Mom, thanks for the best day. I am going to tell Papa he should join us next time."

It's going to be a wonderful summer.

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