shots and camps

Let's talk about a few things...

I have my ups and downs and right now I am in a down.

Whenever I introduce Matilda, I follow it up with "she had a liver transplant when she was 6 weeks old." I want to stop doing that for a number of reasons, but I can't seem to remember those reasons at the moment.

I want to make a summer to-do list, but am afraid that I will be committing myself to too much. And that fear of failure and disappointment is holding me back. We are talking about a summer to-do list, it shouldn't be complicated.

I read this article and a few hours later Tyler just happened to send me a job ad that would be perfect for me. Ever since, I have been questioning where I am best served. I am not close to coming up with an answer.

Yesterday was difficult. Matilda had to have labs done and this week it took both arms and lots of tears. Parker hit me in front of everyone in the waiting room because I would not let him go see his sister. He was mad and wanted to protect her. I gave him a timeout right there in an empty chair. When I told Tyler, he said he was proud of Parker for being passionate and determined to check on his little sister.

But I was thankful that Parker was able to go to our friend's lake house in the afternoon to play instead of waiting a long time in a doctor's office to watch his little sister get some shots. Or see her hand turn purple while trying to get an accurate blood pressure reading.

Did you know that in Montana we call lake houses cabins and in New York they are called camps?

And we bought these, and I am excited for them to arrive in the mail. Oh yeah, and I am growing out my eyebrows, just to see.

Best of all I have a friend in town who is genuinely the nicest person I have ever met. I will write more about Mary later. Right now I need to go snuggle Parker, he just fell out of bed.

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